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for salons & spas

We're happy to customize any products for salon or spa owners. 

Custom Products

Custom products include the following items. Additional customization can be added upon request.

Unique Scent

Custom mixed scents will be blended specifically for your business, and not made available for any other client. This excludes generic scents (e.g. vanilla, peppermint, etc.).

Branded Packaging

Each of the products will arrive branded according to your business, including logos, colours, and any slogans. 

Bulk Pricing

Receive your product at an industry price.

Website Advertising

The availability of your product will be advertised on the Pink Teapot Co. website at no additional charge, and my be included in mail outs/promotional emails to customers.



What is the MOQ?

10 per product


Which items can be custom ordered?

Any of the handmade skincare products.


What if I need help with branding?

A consult with our in-house graphic designer is available.


Can I change my mind about products/labels from one order to the next?



Can I request products that are not currently available on the website?

Yes. There may be a delay while ingredients are ordered.

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